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Miia Klingstedt Nanotechnology and web-development

Miia Klingstedt Nanotechnology and web-development

Miia Klingstedt

Miia Klingstedt

Ingemar Pongratz, owner and CEO of Fenix Scientific AB / Pongratz Consulting has attached new expertise to Fenix Scientific AB.

Miia Klingstedt’s background is from the Stockholm University, where she worked on her thesis work on a project in Nanotechnology and Material Science.

“Characterizing cavity containing materials using electron microscopy:
A study of metal oxides, mesoporous crystals and porous material containing nano
sized metal-particles”

Miia Klingstedt was a Ph D student working in the group of Professor Osamu Terasaki at the Stockholm University and she defended her thesis in 2012. During her PhD thesis work she has authored or co-authored several research publications in high ranking scientific peer-reviewed journals in the field of Nanotechnology and Material Science. She has also participated in several research workshops and presented her research work to an scientific audience.

Following her extensive training in the Material Science area, Miia Klingstedt started a company in the area of web-page development and web-design. The company, called Restful Design, has developed a number of pages for clients and Miia has also been responsible for web and graphic design, page structure and other key features available in the web-pages.

Miia Klingberg has also extensive experience to plan how to use Social Media as a communication tool for research projects.

We are very exited about adding Miia Klingbergs expertise to Fenix Scientific AB / Pongratz Consulting. Her expertise in Nano Technology and Material Science research and web-page development and design will allow Fenix Scientific AB / Pongratz Consulting client to strengthen the Communication Activities of different EU funded projects such as Horizon 2020 projects without the need to engage additional expertise. Furthermore, with our background in both Communication and Research we are ideally suited to support research intensive projects in their Research Communication activities.

If you would like more information on how Fenix Scientific AB can help you apply for Horizon 2020 project please contact us either through the contact page or by sending us an email to


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